United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW)


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Singapore on Empowering Women in STEM/STEAM

Country: The Republic of Singapore

Committee: UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNSCW)

Topic Area: Empowering Women in STEM/STEAM


Science, technology, engineering, and math are inevitably dominating factors in the development of the modern world. The four fields continue to become an essential need for humans to become better. However, despite all the positive growth that is happening, there exist a problem that in unjust for some. The four fields continue to grow and the demand for manpower continues to increase as the world tries to develop STEM to its very best. The problem is not the increase in need of manpower but the problem lies in the gender equality within these fields. Man has always been the dominant gender in STEM and this is not just a coincidence. Culture and stereotypes are two of the most significant factor that gives way for gender inequality in the field of STEM. Culture drives the people to think in a certain way and there are many cultures in the world that believes that a woman's role in society is to be a good housewife. One of the most popular cultures that believes this is the Chinese culture. Chinese believes that all the women have to do is to stay at home and the kitchen. Even though so, this is not always the case. As time goes by, many women have rise to become pioneers of STEM and it proves that women is equally as capable to succeed in STEM fields. Although it may seem that these presuppositions and stereotypes are the sole reason why not as much women is joining the STEM field, it is not fully true as the causes for these stereotypes are real life situations. Wage is one of the cause. Women in STEM field earn less than men in the same field. Considering some reasons, two main reason why this happens is because women will have to take of their child and that means less time for work. The other reason is because studies show that women tend to want a flexible schedule in a very competitive field such as STEM. These are the few reasons why the field of STEM itself needs to be reformed to become more equal for women. At the moment only 30 percent of the workforce in the field of technology in Singapore is women. This comes to show that the amount of women is still minor compared to male workers.


The Republic of Singapore believes that gender equality is of utmost importance. Singapore have not signed any international agreements regarding gender equality; however, Singapore has been an observer at the Comission of the Status of Women (CSW...