World Humanitarian Summit


Bango Samparan

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Country:Germany Committee: World Humanitarian Summit Topic Area: Humanitarian Aid

The distribution of humanitarian aid has been an issue that has increased in complexity as time goes on this is due to many factors. One of the factors that affect humanitarian aid is climate change. Climate change can affect humanitarian aid as it directly affects the type of aid that is needed. By statistics alone, the amount of money to mitigate these events. These events have increased by 300% by the past years. A prominent example to this are people living in Pakistan and India in which it is predicted that 180 million poor people are at least from the impact of climate change. The next factor that affects humanitarian aid are natural disasters. They can cause massive economic damage and claim the lives of many people. One of the worst cases of natural disasters that happen recently is in Haiti. Where in 2010 an earthquake struck which killed over 220 thousand and left 1.5 million homeless.What made this disaster even worse is that, over 60% of health facilities were destroyed and there was an outbreak of cholera. T...