General Assembly Second Committee - ECOFIN
South Africa


Abdul Ghoni Hilmi

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Inequality : Is it Cursed or Incapability to Manage? Based on Popular theory we have 2 popular things, the cause of a country trap in inequality. First theory is Modern Theory : Its tells less more about a country will meet its growth trap, due to institution make insufficiency to make good politic fairs then lead a country in a prosperity. The second theory is talked about external factor will always dominate a country to become welfare or not .then this theory just will always hold its stance and complete each other to tell us why this inequality happen. Africa territory it self is the poorest territorial in the world, based on data its only has 16% of world richness (UNDP, Newyork : Oxford Press), though it has really so rich natural sources. Africa build their economic with their natural resources Like jewerlies, gold, diamond, and agriculture. And agriculture sector is the highest income to contribute in their GDP income. Even we see geographically has infertile territory. Well in fact if compare to among of country in Africa territorial like Bostwana, Gabon, Ghana, Tanzania and many more, South Africa is the richest country in Africa territory. Before gold, jewelry was found south Africa economic sector is based on poor agriculture domination, but after its found, jewerlies, diamond and gold has pushed Africa to activate their Economic growth like Industires Sector growth ; like iron and steel manufacture. From Popular Social scientist tells if inequality divided to 3 form 1. Individual Inequality in a country 2. Intercountry Inequality 3. Individual inequality in a one global system Thus, something seems really relavant for our research is inequality South Africa- Tazmania. They both are as one ter...