General Assembly Second Committee - ECOFIN


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Committee : Economic and Financial Affairs Council

Country : Liberia

Topic Area : Reducing Economic Inequality and Financing Sustainable Economy

Economy inequality affects every sectors which are interconnected each other. Moreover, this matter occurs within countries because of civil war, friction among districts, marginalization among youth and women, mismanagement of natural resources, urban based policies, corrupted government that results into failure in entire system, instability of political and governance, and epidemic of disease (i.e. Ebola, HIV/AIDS, Anthrax, Zika, and Cholera). UN bodies have been decided some solutions in handling this matters as the ECOFIN has been done by dealing with the issues related in economic development and financing those development. Besides, World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) also have been concerned at tackling it.

Liberia is one of countries in Africa which rich in natural resources and minerals but it suffers from severe poverty and inequality. It could be occurred because of...