International Court of Justice (ICJ)
Christopher Greenwood (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)


Allezka Soetadi

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Position Paper Country: United Kingdom Committee: International Court Of Justice Topic Area: Application of the International Convention for Supporting of Financing Terrorism & the International Convention on the Elimination of all form of Racial Discrimination

United Kingdom’s Stance: As one of the strongest and most consistent supporters of the 3 pillars of United Nations’ work, namely peace, security, and development of human rights, having served the International Court of Justice for 7 years now, the United Kingdom is highly committed to UN Peacekeeping, promoting disarmament, and sharing our experience of peace and reconciliation, all the while upholding military neutrality as the core of our foreign policy (Burgess & Flanagan, ‘Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Statement and Strategy 2015-2017’). The latter being exemplified by how we have played a leading role in designing sanctions packages and identifying the individuals, companies, and sectors targeted by those sanctions.

In line with that, the delegate of the United Kingdom reserved the right to reconsider its decision not to offer lethal assistance to Ukraine. The United Kingdom could not afford to see the Ukrainian army collapse, which therefore pronounces the most idealistic action would be to fund non-lethal assistance to Ukraine. Since April 2014, 9,553 people have been killed in eastern Ukraine, including 2,000 civilians. Another 22,137 have been wounded and 1.1 million others externally displaced. Seeing that the staggering number of casualties is despicable, the United Kingdom sees fit that fueling Ukraine with non-lethal aid is quintessential. Moreover, there are a number of perfectly robust allies who are now beginning to be slightly concerned about the scale of damage that is now being inflicted on Russia’s economy. We want the Russians to pay a price for their aggression in Ukraine, but we do not want the Russian economy to collapse and there is now a just concern about the scale of the damage being inflicted.

Root Cause/Problems: Prevalent in most precedents throughout history, the contention between both Ukraine’s Eastern civilians and its Western pro-Russian separatists, is the implication of foreign meddling, as “Ukrainian forces prepare… defenses against separatist attack” (‘Ukraine crisis Timeline’). The conflict’s catalyst was the former president, Yanukovych’s, rejection of the EU-Ukraine Asso...