United Nations Security Council


Fransiska Andita

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Country: Republic of Senegal

Topic Area: Combating Radical Terrorism in Africa

Committee: United Nations Security Council

Organization, cooperation, and coordination are the key to success in eradicating radical terrorism in Africa. It is based on those principles that approximately 86.464 United Nations peacekeeper troops have been deployed in Africa. Yet, the condition in Africa is still far from peaceful and secure; there is not enough peace to be kept by the peacekeeping forces. During the 2006-2015 period, terrorist attacks in Africa sharply escalated from 171 cases to 738 cases in total, claiming 4600 fatalities. Attacks have increased by 200 percent, and fatalities itself by 750 percent. Worse, according to the 2016 Global Terrorism Index, 4 African countries scored a ‘High’ in a scale measuring impact of terrorism . This shows the severe impact of terrorism in Africa.

The widespread havoc that terrorism has wreaked upon fellow African states have encompassed nearly the entire continent. In East Africa, Somalia-based group Al-Shabaab has expanded its operations to Kenya and Uganda, while Boko Haram’s violent movements have caused unrest in L...