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United Kingdom


Andrew Jonathan

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Country: United Kingdom

Committee: UNSC

Topic Area: Combating Radical Terrorism in Africa

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Has been a Permanent member of the Security Council since its foundation after World War II. As a founding member, it is priority that the UK helps maintain international peace and stability worldwide. Radical terrorism as we know it is one of the obstacle to achieve a peaceful and stable world. These acts of terrorism has many causes. Most of these causes comes from a radicalized teachings of Islam. However, many terrorist group who has called themselves to be Islamic seems to only use Islam as a justification of what they are doing and a tool of recruitment. Therefore, it is important to clarify what a real and moderate Islam is so that these terrorist group can no longer use Islam as justification. Another reason is poverty. Many people are interested in joining radical terrorist groups because they are eaten by the promises that they will be paid graciously and their family will be taken care of. This is why the UK supports foreign investments in Africa in order to build economy and bring wealth into the continent. The United Kingdom sees the economic potential in Africa's resource and would help bring wealth to Africa through economic means.

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