General Assembly Sixth Committee - LEGAL


Doni Susanto

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Country : Australia Committee : General Assembly - Legal Committee Topic A : Redefining the Legality of Measures in the Age of Stateless Aggressors

The existence of those stateless aggressors has undeniably disturbed the international peace and the right of people being attacked by their insane terrors, moreover it has also created paranoia to people as they are scared by the terrorist activity. The stateless aggressor has been a global issue that should be overcome together across the nation’s world widely. For instance, there have been many countries affected by the activity of ISIL whether directly or indirectly. Approximately there are about 143 attacks in 29 countries since 2014 and it has killed 2043 people. Even, last June, there was a siege in Melbourne which recently known as the deed of ISIL. Therefore, realizing the effect of this activity, many countries has provided a counter attack to omit the terrorism in each country, but then, there also should exist a concrete standard on what we may and may not do as part of United Nation, in order to preserve the UN resolution itself and avoid ...