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Judith Petersen

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HEIDELBERG MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE 2017 World Trade Organisation (France) Author: Judith Petersen

Ensuring Fair Competition and Successful Global Trade in the Agricultural Sector

  1. Conferences and agreements in the WTO The Agricultural Sector has different values to the economy of a country. In most of the developed countries, such as Germany and the United Kingdom amongst others, the Agricultural Sector is only contributing very little to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country, whereas the economic situation of lesser or least developed countries (LDCs) depend primarily on the export of agricultural products. Therefore, those exported products are often subsidised to improve the position in the global market. Three central aspects were the pivot of the Agreement on Agriculture (1995): domestic support, market access and export subsidies. Other agreements were made in order to extend the multilateral trading system (General Agreement on Trade in Services). Those agreements laid the foundations for further agreements and treaties being adapted later. In November 2001, the Doha Ministerial Conference was taking place. It was a consilience of a variety of different positions and interests. 121 governments submitted many negotiating proposals. As result, the governments came up with the mutual aim to establish a fair and market-oriented trading system throughout a programme of fundamental reform. The programme encompasses strengthened rules, and specific commitments on government support and protection for agriculture. The purpose is to correct and prevent restrictions and distortions in world agricultural markets. It was decided that developing countries should get a special and different treatment to give them enough time to strengthen their economy and successfully enter to the world market. Non-trade concerns like environmental protection, food security, rural development amongst others were also debated. The Doha Ministerial conference set deadlines for certain measures to be taken by the WTO members that had to be prolonged until 2006 due to the incapacity of ...