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Patricia Felice

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Committee: United Nations Development Program

Country: Belgium


For many years, urbanization has always been unstoppable. People seek for better lives and strive to improve their living quality. Cities in the world need to cope this issue in order to reach SDG #11. Urbanization has been a common issue experienced by the EU, ultimately Belgium that is ranked as the Europe’s most urbanized nation. (, n.d.).

In Belgium, the migration flow is high towards the suburbs region from the Brussels Capital. High population growth in Brussels, around 2% per year, pushes in the increase of the real estate prices. (, n.d.). This results in diminishing of population in the Brussels area as the suburbanization of higher income households was massive around the sixties and seventies. In return, new inhabitants arriving in the city were in younger age with generally low income and part of the labor migrants. This resulted in reducing income tax per inhabitant, thus impairing Brussels municipalities. Many inhabitants are living in poverty and not included in the income taxes statistics. This situation worsen as Belgium accommodates disproportional high shares of asylum-seekers.

Belgium supported the work of UNDP as it funds 26 project directly and 2293 projects through UNDP regular sources with most of the budget goes for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth. (, n.d.). Moreover, each region in Belgium had implemented their own urban policy as it will guarantee the urban system in the country that also involves collaboration among different region. In addition...