Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)


Oki Martios

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Delegation : Uruguay Committee : Special Political and Decolonization Topic : Preventing Water Conflicts

Water is the world’s most important natural resource. Hence, in the modern world disputes over access to water, the use of water as a weapon, and the targeting of water systems during conflicts remain all too common. It has been argued that Water has become highly politicized because it is a transboundary resource that is almost always appropriated at a level that does not coincide with its ecosystem limits. This creates management issues and politicization over water rights, distribution, and pricing among the various states through which a river traverses. Many of these risks are materializing at the sub-national level and also disputes among nations, but even at the national level, there are growing concerns about tensions in Latin America that share international rivers but lack international agreements over how to manage those waters. Uruguay as multiculturalism country believes water has been our main sources to be used among in the entire of human race including to generated whole of city in electrical sector and operated investment by private company inclusive mining, steel and oil gas. Our midstream to downstream water system demographic is locked between Argentina and Brazil and it makes us to regulated how water could be passed and consumed properly yet efficiently by our surrounding countries in Latin America.

One of the most important bilateral conflicts arisen in the last decades between Argenti...