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Rupita Islam Ryna

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Singapore Model United Nations 2017

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Delegate:Rupita Islam Ryna

Topic A:Surrogate Births

With growing infertility rate around the world ,Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) such as in-vitro fertilization has been a key for individuals to experience parenthood to an extent where they are genetically related to their surrogate child despite their inability to conceive. This medical advancement has allowed surrogate birth which essentially means the prospective parent(s) can have children where the surrogate mother will carry the child .Gestational surrogacy is in practice currently as traditional surrogacy involves the surrogate mother being genetically involved.

In Mexico, although commercial surrogate births are banned, in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco it is in unrestrained practice. This practice stems from the inefficient global framework of surrogate births. Surrogate agencies exploit the surrogate mothers as they are often misinformed about their own rights. Legal loop holes are also benefactor in the statuesque which fuels the illegal surrogacy practice. Often agencies get away with commercial surrogacy by changing the way they define their work which merely involves correcting phrases such as salaries or rents and instead using words such as reimbursements.

Surrogacy agencies say they offer an unquestionably legitimate service, but in reality, all operate in a legal grey area because surrogacy in Tabasco needs to be altruistic.Many countries around the world face the same issue as there is no a...