International Labour Organization (ILO)


Jeremiah Lim

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Topic A

Historically, the Republic of Cuba has been heavily involved in issues facing the protection of labour rights. Having been under Spanish and American colonialism in the past and having had to fight for the freedom of our worker’s, the Republic understands the necessity of a fair and free international labour market. Hence, the Republic of Cuba stands against any country or organization which challenges appropriate labour rights.

The Republic of Cuba acknowledges the severity of current issues regarding labour rights and unions such as child labour, bonded labour ,discriminatory labour and wellbeing of both employers and employees. However, Cuba maintains its stance towards worker’s unions being counter-revolutionary and against the interests of the socialist cause. While it is absolutely necessary to eliminate oppression and abuse in the labour market, there should not be a trade-off between social governance and solving these problems. Having said that, the Republic of Cuba is highly willing to cooperate with the international community, as it has s...