International Labour Organization (ILO)


Aaron Chua

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Conference: Singapore Model United Nations (SMUN) Committee: International Labour Organizatin Issues: Union & Labour Rights and Anticipating Technological Disruption Country: The Republic of Turkey

Topic A Recognizing the greater bargaining power capital-owners have over workers due to the latter being easily replaceable, the International Labour Organization has formulated international labour standards to prevent the exploitation of workers. However, some countries still fall short of these international standards. Thus it is imperative for council to think of solutions for more effective enforcement, and to persuade or come to compromises with countries that have yet to adopt these standards in view of their reasons for not doing so. Additionally, further measures still need to be taken to eliminate discrimination, and to revise the powers accorded to labour unions as the onset of globalization has eroded their ability to effectively fulfil their role of achieving better wages and working conditions for the workers they represent. The Constitution of Turkey affirms the right of workers to form uni...