Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)


Adri Faris

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**Committee: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

Country: Turkey**

Topic A: A Magna Carta For The Internet


The internet, as we know it, has become a powerful tool used by individuals, corporations and governments all over the world to serve their own vested interests. However, the originally-intended open and neutral nature of the internet has become disrupted over the years. The extent of the power of the internet can be seen from the important role it played in the coup attempt that occurred on 15 July 2016 against the Turkish government.

The issue of net neutrality is still a topic of debate up to this day. Countries are split between two camps - those in favour of enforcing net neutrality to uphold the non-discriminating nature of the internet, and those against the enforcement of net neutrality because of concerns related to economic inefficiency as well as the compromise of privacy and security.

The balkanization of the internet also remains to be a topic of debate. Countries such as China and Iran have balkanized their internet systems to censor and block undesirable content from their citizens.

Finally, the issue of privacy in the internet age still remains to be a major concern for most countries especially with the increasing threat of terrorism.