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Lu Yuxuan

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Surrogate Births

When looking at the issue of Surrogate Births within the context of Bolivia, it is first important to recognise the lack of information on two things, being the extent to which surrogacy exists within Bolivia and the government action taken. Thus, this delegate finds it necessary to make some educated guesses on both based on Bolivia’s record in other areas. Considering that Bolivia has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the world, and the high illiteracy rates in the female population, both being pull factors for women to consider being a surrogate mother in the first place, it is very likely that surrogate births exist within Bolivia, and to a large extent. The lack of official information on this points towards a lack of government oversight and regulation in this issue, thus answering the second question.

Though the lack of action taken in the Issue of Surrogate Births may raise questions about Bolivia’s willingness to implement or pass any kind of legislation on the issue, the recen...