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Viet Nam


ervin Arrasyid

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Topic A : Building City for The Future Committee : United Nations Development Program Country : Viet Nam Delegate : Ervin Naufal Arrasyid, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Viet Nam is now experiencing a rapid economic development with annual GDP growth of 6.1 % (est. 2016). As one of the fastest growing country in the region, industry attracted rural citizens to migrate to urban area, notably Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Nearly 1.2 million of people are migrating to cities every year in Viet Nam. This 3.4% rate urbanization gives Viet Nam danger in quest of sustainable development. Urban areas in Viet Nam are dealing with outgrowing population density, congestion, dwindling air quality, water source pollution, flooding, and energy shortage. Urbanization leads to urban area growth. It poses challenge in balancing urban area management and planning of one urban area to another.

The delegate of Viet Nam aware of the serious consequence of unplanned urbanization since urban area development will cause greater economic and environmental burden as well as lesser living quality. Hence, Viet Nam strong commitment to equality and social progress lead Viet Nam in adopting several international regulations concerning about sustainable development and sustainable urban growth. Viet Nam has followed Millennium Development Goals as an effort to maximize the positive effects of development. Furthermore, Viet Nam has been following UNDP Sustainable Development Goals as it goals are in line with Viet Nam domestic policy which mandated the government to pursue sustainable economic development and environmental...