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Marvelin Selena

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UNHRC - China Topic A: Ending Violence Against Women

“Yes, I beat her sometimes, but I never thought she’d go to the police, because that’s not what Chinese women do.’” Those are the exact words spoken by Kim Lee’s husband, one of the many proprietors of domestic violence. Many centuries ago, women are seen to be subservient to men and gender equality seems like a peculiar term to many cultures. Societies nowadays have begun to appreciate the presence of women and understand values of gender rights. As written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. However, numerous efforts that have been put up for gender rights produces little change in ending violence against women and the world has fallen quite short in its goal to combat gender-based human rights violations. Violence against women comes in different forms, be it through physical, psychological, and domestic. Around the world, women in urban areas are twice as likely as men to experience violence, particularly in developing countries. This imposes high costs on society, and hinders women to participate and contribute to the development of the country.

China has shown remarkable prog...