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Animan Sharma

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SMUN 2017: UN Security Council - Senegal

Topic 1: The Situation in Libya

Solving the situation of Libya is one of the most pressing issues of the modern era. Transitioning into democracy is never an easy task, yet Libya has valiantly attempted to do so after many years under the perilous dictatorship of Muammar Gaddhafi. The attempted regime change in 2012 was a courageous effort by the National Transitional Council, but ultimately proved ineffective. Today, Libya’s political climate is a great battleground fueled by factionalism, fragmentation, and tribalism. This battleground has kept Libya in a state of perpetual political instability, which is of primary concern to Senegal. As a beacon of democracy, Senegal believes that it is our duty to ensure Libya becomes a democratic state. Although it will take time and effort, the long-term effects of this achievement would prove beneficial for both Libya and the surrounding region.

One of the principal issues exacerbated by Libya’s political volatility is the spread of terror into the country. Both ISIS and al-Qaeda maintain a presence in Libya through several groups, and this has caused problems for other nations in sub-Saharan Africa. Recently, a self-proclaimed "jihadist doctor" almost launched a terror attack against the ...