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Dzaky Irfansyah

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Country : Egypt

Topic A : Building Cities for the Future

Committee : UNDP


The notion of urban as a place where dreams come true, comes with no surprise the fact that by 2030, 60% of global population will live in cities. Egypt is deeply aware that urbanization has fundamental ramifications for economy, society, and environment. Rapid urbanization has taken world through unprecedented transition, causing proliferation of extreme poverty, revolutionary social behavior, and significant climate change impacts. These issues are extremely prevalent in developing countries like Egypt. Egypt recognizes that worldwide efforts should be taken considerably for meeting future challenge of urban façade, acknowledging that all elements within the city – space and people – could be both opportunity and threat. Therefore, member States with UN should work together towards meeting ideal cities where dreams can come true.

Past Actions

Egypt has long faced urban challenges like urban inequality, resources scarcity, and environmental degradation, considering that we hold the largest population in Arab World but inhabit only 5% of total land area. To create ideal urban spaces, we are always engaging in the preparation and negotiations through mutual cooperation. Egypt are part of 2016 National Voluntary Review of The HLPF on Sustainable Development, in which we are fully committed to the 2030 Agenda and SDG. Recalling our fully commitment to achieve sustainable urban development as reflected on Goal 11 SDG, we have enacted policy frameworks and several urban initiatives with multi-stakeholder participation.


Egypt strongly support the principle of ‘think globally, act locally’ to tackle not only the issues, but also root causes of problems. In accordan...