The European Parliament
ALDE Position 5


Carmel Edwards
United Kingdom

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BrusselsMEU: ALDE Position 5: Carmel Edwards MEP - Position Paper

Topic 1: Copyright in the Digital Single Market

A European digital single market that enables cross-border access to online content offers great opportunities for EU citizens to use copyrighted online content in education and have greater accessibility to online European content and target audiences. It would also be in keeping with Article 13 of the Single European Act that defines the internal market as an “area without frontiers in which the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital is ensured in accordance with the provisions of this Treaty". However, as companies capitalise on the growing digital economy and material becomes easier to copy and distribute with little cost relative to the material’s initial production, the need for author copyright protection becomes greater.

The ALDE group acknowledge the balance required between digital market users’ right to freedom of access to online content and the rights of copyright holders. Copyright is essential in protecting consumers from counterfeit material and authors from piracy and maintaining the motivation of producers to continue their creation and innovation of online digital material. To allow the growth and freedom of a cross-border digital market and achieve this balance, author rights must be adequately protected, which can most effectively be achieved at the EU level.

The ALDE consider that for the EU to establish a digital single marke...