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ALDE position paper for topic 1 - Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market

Throughout the world, one of the biggest developments of our time has been digitalisation.

The digital market, which has been formed as a result of this, is one with huge potential for

creating new jobs and creating additional financial growth, estimated up to €340 billion across

the EU. As such it is a vital step for the EU to expand its Single Market model to the digital

medium by means of the Digital Single Market Strategy (DSMS).

In order for us to harness its possibilities to the fullest, we believe it is necessary to tackle

problems such as Geo-blocking and European copyright law. In order for small businesses to

have the best possible conditions for development, it is important to have the same regulations

involving the Digital Market in all Member States. This is imperative for the DSMS to

succeed. These ideas will offer better access to online services, better conditions for them to

grow, and boost the growth of the European digital economy.

The two most important aspects of approaching copyright law are harmonisation and

exception-setting. Thi...