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Topic A: Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

The Kingdom of Spain considers the need of new goal’s implementation and to adapt the functioning of European Union regarding to Digital Single Market and Copyright. The Kingdom of Spain would like to emphasize as well the importance of changing business and economy perspective towards digital subjects, online purchase and easier access to services online without border’s obstacles. As a relatively new concept, digital economy will play an important role in the future and boosting of the growth of the European Union economy as a whole.

According to Europe’s Digital Progress Report (EDPR) 2016 The Kingdom of Spain has improved its ranking on all of the dimensions except of the use of Internet. The improvement of the dimensions mentioned above is concentrated on public online services. However Spain is not one of the best developing country in this field, the level of development of digital economy is higher than the EU average. Moreover in 2013 The Kingdom of Spain launched “Digital Agenda para Espana” in line with Digital Agenda for Europe considering the importance of this issue and willing to improve and develop all conditions and dimensions to provide better development of Spanish digital economy. In the Digital Economy and Society Index 2017 Spain ranks 14th place. Improving connectivity, Spain h...