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Ion Muschei

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Committee: Council of the European Union Position of Poland Copyright in the Digital Single Market: 2016/0280 (COD)”

    ,,To serve Poland - to build Europe - to understand the world”

Being part of European Union, an economically open space, driven by export and good practices, Poland is willing to play an active role in navigating the EU through its digital transformation. Poland strongly supports the Commission's initiative to create a truly Single Digital Market. Poland aspires to the group of leading EU countries, thus we build an active political position with regard to digital transformation of state for our client (the society) According to the latest EU DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) in the field of Digital Affairs of economy our country takes only 23rd place among 28 EU Member States, but evolution over time are positive.
Taking up this context polish government created a very important document ,,Strategic Action Priorities of the Minister of Digital Affairs_” in the field of computerization of public services” based...