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Dona Bozic

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POSITION PAPER MEU BRUSSELS 2017 Dona Bozic – Lithuania

Topic 1- Digital Single Market

Lithuania completely supports the creation of a digital single market and as well remove of the barriers to free online trade across the European Union. It is important to provide the widest range of services online and promote the use of e-services. Lithuania supports the EU’s proposal to open public data for business needs. It will help drive innovation. Lithuania seeks to make a transition to full e-procurement which would improve transparency. It is important to equip Europeans with improved digital skills needed for all future jobs. It is estimated that there will be a shortage of 100 thousand IT specialists in the Baltic region alone by 2020. Lithuania ranks 13th in DESI 2017. Lithuania's performance is above EU average in all dimensions, except for Human Capital, where progress has been limited. Lithuania continues to perform well in Connectivity but is growing slower than the EU average. The country has improved significantly in the integration of digital technologies and in Digital Public Services. The framework strategic document for information society development actions focusses on 3 major areas:

•skills and motivation of the Lithuanian citizens to use the ICT, •development of electronic content and •evolvement of ICT infrastructure, including NGA access.

Lithuania’s Digital Agenda focuses on ...