The Council of the EU


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Committee: The Council of the EU Topic: Copyright in the Digital Single Market: 2016/0280 (COD) Country: Luxembourg.

Currently, It is complex to draw the line between digital and analogue worlds and a higher range of business operate not only in the online market, also in the offline market. Luxembourg claims that the digital economy is the key to position European economy as one of the most strongest, competitive and technologically advanced actor. For this reason, it is an important aspect to consider the harmonisation and the setting of exceptions of the Digital Single Market. Our country stands in favour of going into detail about the single market, reinforcing the benefits of this policy for EU citizens and businesses.

Companies in Luxembourg show an average level of integration of digital technologies, however SMEs Selling Online represents a 9% in 2016 (DESI 2017), being 17% the global EU value. Furthermore, Selling Online Cross-border e...