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Kevin Jiménez Ripoll Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain 13rd August of 2017 Slovak Republic North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

TOPIC A: Hybrid and Cyber Warfare The question of the Hybrid Warfare has manifested at the international scenario as the political process that has completely changed the rules of the game in the 21st Century. This unpredictable phenomenon, commonly associated with the Russian intervention in Ukraine, raises social polarization and political destabilization like invisible weapons, what prevents the identification and action before possible threats. Besides, by being unfamiliar terms, the conceptual debate about what both Hybrid Warfare and Cyber Warfare are has been put on the table. Having examined the contain of the NATO’s Article 5 of Collective Defence, the Slovak Republic notices that there is no agreement about how to define it, due to two circumstances: on the one hand, not only conventional military strategies are employed, but multiple elements too (terrorism, political propaganda, economic pressures…); on the other hand, insurgents are often assisted by other political actors, including States. Within the Hybrid Warfare, Cyber Warfare is framed as its most volatile component. Through its nature, source and scope, the consequences ...