Josh Malchman

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TLVMUN 2017 | Josh Malchman | IDCMUN | NATO - Iceland

Cyber and Hybrid Warfare

Iceland is one of the founding members of NATO in 1949, and its focus since has been on two aspects, that of membership within the Alliance, and the Bilateral Defense Agreement with the US it has maintained since 1951. Despite having no standing army, Iceland gives its staunch support through financial magnanimity and civilian personnel. Within the Alliance, Iceland’s foci are on disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation, along with democratic values, collective defense, and the High North.

Iceland has the world’s most connected population, with over 98% internet penetration of its local populace. The country, until very recently, had little to do with cyber security issues and developments, as it’s focus as far as NATO was concerned was the Iceland Air Defense System (IADS). This, is more or less the extent of Iceland’s role within the realm of hybrid warfare on a global scale. Nevertheless, Iceland, as a key player in NATO, takes a vested interest in the latest furtherance in warfare facing both member-states and their allies. However, recent events have shifted its focus to the realm of elsewhere, to cyber security.

The shift in focus was due to several attacks on government web pages and web infrastructure by the hacktivist group Anonymous in 2015 and 2016, as a protest again...