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Position Paper

Committee: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Date: 12/08/2017

Written by: Anastasia Shcherbakov

Country of Residence: The State of Israel

Academic Institution: The Open University of Israel

The Represented country: The Federal Republic of Germany

Topic A: Hybrid and Cyber Warfare

Germany is a high-value target for hackers and foreign spy agencies that is the reason we have developed our new cyber command which created its unique IT-supported weapons systems. If hackers were ever to gain control of them, the results could be devastating. Future cyber attacks are to be fended off by the new "Cyber and Information Space Command" (CIR), will have its own independent organizational structure, thus becoming the sixth branch of the German military – on a par with the army, navy, air force, joint medical service and joint support service. Eventually, 13,500 German soldiers and civilian contractors currently dealing with cyber defense from a number of different locations will be brought together under the CIR's roof. The Bundeswehr is also desperately seeking IT specialists in the labor market by running elaborate advertising campaigns ...