ECOSOC (intermediate)


Julia Volkmer

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Committee: ECOSOC

Country: Portugal

Topic: Ensuring equal access to scarce resources 

In a fast-changing world with an ever-growing population, the main issue that needs to be solved is to provide everyone on this planet with sufficient amounts of nutrition to survive. Climate change and a limited amount of land makes it harder and harder for the world to feed its inhabitants; those are two of the main reasons why thirteen percent of the world’s population are, as of today, undernourished. Portugal is of the opinion that investing more money towards the efficient use of water, especially for agriculture, and also in the modernization of agricultural procedures would certainly reduce water consumption and benefit agricultural harvests which would in turn make it easier to provide everybody with sufficient food and water.

The complexity of the issue is only understandable if a closer look is taken at its origins. Of course demography is an important factor that makes feeding the world a pressing problem but one of its main causes is also the inefficient use of farmland and the consequent waste of water. Furthermore not eliminating this problem will result in rising numbers of undernourished people worldwide and an increase in poverty in the future. Moreover water shortages that can be caused by the excessive consumption of water for the...