ECOSOC (intermediate)


Arthur Eyraud

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POSITION PAPER #Lebanese Republic

Topic A: Ensuring Equal Access to Scarce Resources World population is expanding at a dramatic pace, to greater extend in areas were access to scarce ressources is already critical. Moreover it’s acknowledged that Global Warming will deeply impact water and food access according to a GIEC report. Water stress affects a large part of the world, but it’s in countries already less consumers than progress about access to drinkable water and sanitation are considered insufficient relative to Milleniums goals. There is a necessity of saving this ressource poorly distributed while improving equal access to meet growing population demand. For not facing a 40pc water deficit from 2030. Access to food remains a key concern, famine threats in short terms 2 million people in the world. Yet we have never produced so much food as at present what raises the question of the redistribution and of the wasting of a superfluous production in the richest countries. In facts, the general increase of the prices since 2008 reduced the access to the food of the poorest. In addition, in 2050, it will be necessary to produce twice more to insure a world supply being enough in food. Now arable land are limited, what implies a necessity of an increase of the productivity of the production of food. But while limiting the environmental impact for a viable farming. The poorest countries require furthermore flexibility and relevant protections about rights in intellectual property to permit them reaching essential medicine. The access to medicine being registered among 17 Objectives of Sustainable developments.
UNHCR stated that Lebanon is ‘st...