ECOSOC (intermediate)


Daniela Bernal
United States

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Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC): Bangladesh

Ensuring sustainable development is the Economic and Social Council’s key concern. The council identifies and discusses a wide range of challenges that pose a threat to the sustainable development goals (SDG) established in 2015. Furthermore, it monitors and regulates the advancement of such goals at a multidisciplinary level in order to come up with ways to strengthen their implementation. At the ECOSOC 2017 LyonMUN conferences we will be focusing two particularly important topics: 1) ensuring equal access to scarce resources and 2) eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity. Bangladesh sides with other developing countries on the first issue believing that only a free and open world market can effectively allocate all the world’s resources in a fair manner and prevent the unnecessary waste therefore, it opposes trade barriers such as tariffs and subsidies often imposed by developed countries which Bangladesh believes gives them an unfair historical advantage. Furthermore, faced with land shortage, Bangladesh supports transnational land transactions as it sees them as the only way to ensure its growing population’s food security. In regards to the...