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Filip Jakab

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Position paper

Topic: The Cuban Embargo - Fostering the development of international trade with Cuba Country: Republic of Cuba

Committee: World Trade Organization (WTO)

For almost six decades, the humble people of the Republic of Cuba have lived in a hardship and oppression, due to unfavorable political environment fueled by an outdated ideology, but mainly as a result of an economic adversity administered by the United States, that has lasted for generations. The despondent situation of Cuban citizens strikes as a remnant of the past era, the Cold War and the fear of socialism, for wrongdoings of which they happened to have paid the highest price. Progression of the current plight would not only continue the wretched economical misfortune, but could convey the perils of both social and medical manner as well.

First of all, the economic sanctions imposed by the United States have failed greatly to achieve ...