Cabinet of the Ministers of the USSR, 1985
Deputy Chairman (Arms Industry)


Lara Kok

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Esteemed Chairs of the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR,

There can be no higher honour than to serve as a member of this committee as deputy chairman of the Arms Industry today, and I look forward to working with you once again as we continue to pursue greatness for our great nation.

My name is Leonid Vasil’evich Smirnov, Смирнов, Леонид Васильевич, I was born in 1916, and have been a member of the CPSU since 1943. I have served in this position, Deputy Chairman of the Military Industrial Commission (VPK), in the Council of Ministers of the USSR, with much pride and honour, since the 13th of March 1963. I have been trained as an engineer, at the Novocherkassk Industrial Institute, which has allowed me to contribute to the technological advancement of the USSR (for which I humbly received the Hero of Socialist Labor, The Len...