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Róża Bury

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Topic: Measures to minimize female infanticide in Southern and Eastern Asian States.

The delegation of China believes that the issue of female infanticide is a very serious one and everything that lies within governments' power should be done in order to prevent that horrific practice and kindly asks other delegations not to point fingers at the states that struggle with this problem more than others, and engage in debates to come to the best resolution instead.

The issue in the People's Republic of Chine grew to an immense size after the One Child Policy was introduced in 1979 and the delegate of China wants to underline that this was not the goal of the new policy, simply a side effect, which the government is actively trying to combat by introducing new laws and loosening the One Child Policy. That law may seem draconian to some other states, however, Chinese government stands by its decision, as it was necessary in order to prevent enormous overpopulation within the borders of China. The policy was loosened in 2013 when the government decided to let ethnic and rural couples have two childr...