Committee of Experts on Cybersecurity
Head of Indian Intelligence


Hiu Wing Kwok
Hong Kong

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India is one of the world’s fastest developing nations in the 21st century. With the rise of the digital age, it is inevitable that cybersecurity has been a hot topic. With the increased usage of cyberattacks in both the international level (e.g. terrorist threats) or the national level (e.g. citizens protesting the government), the Indian population has also unfortunately been the subject of several attacks recently, such as the hacking of customer data from the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation website, as well as the blocking of online payment services of Canara Bank. India also has tense relations with the Pakistani intelligence agency, who has allegedly hacked the email accounts of various top military and and security personnel. Yet, the Indian government has upped also its game on cybersecurity through the establishment of various agencies and policies, such as the creation of the position of National Cyber Security Coordinator.

Back in 2013, after Edward Snowden leaked some documents suggesting that NSA surveillance was highly focused in India’s domestic politics, a cyber security plan was then formed. Although this may suggest that India is relatively inexperienced in this aspect, the strategies and objectives that the nation has are quite universally applicable and can be used a suggestion for countries facing similar issues. The policies target both the national and the international scope, such as strengthening regula...