Committee of Experts on Cybersecurity
Head of Chinese Intelligence


Ivan Giangreco

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Position Paper: People's Republic of China

The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of internet users. The People's Republic of China (PRC) is a giant internet country, with approximately 50% of the population, i.e., over 600 million people, having an internet connection. The unprecedented proliferation of internet users in recent years heightens the need for policies that keep the cyber-space a peaceful, secure and open place.

Topic 1: Hacktivism

The PRC sees a great necessity in regulating the cyber-space to keep it a secure environment. In recent years, China has been a major victim of hacker attacks. Since the cyber-space immediately and profoundly impacts on very many aspects of national security and threatens existing social and political norms or values, the topic of cyber-security has received great attention in China. China considers criminal hackers a menace to the well-being and to the privacy of Chinese internet users.

The PRC strictly prohibits any illegal criminal activity by hackers. Since many years, there has existed a strong collaboration with telecom operators to suppress hacking and spamming attacks. The new cyber-security law, passed in November 201...