Committee of Experts on Cybersecurity
Brad Smith (Microsoft)


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**The Privacy of Individuals and the Value of User Data

In recent years, the exponential growth of the internet, especially since the mid-1990s, has raised many concerns related the use of information technologies and the security of information systems for the safety of data protection. Ranked as of one the leading global technology companies, Microsoft is involved to serve its customers worldwide and is committed to ensure them high level of privacy while promoting its business innovations such as cloud computing considered as the future for the industries. Brad Smith as the President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft Corporation has a significant role in the matter of the protection of the privacy of individuals and the ability to deal with the value of user data. For instance, Microsoft oversees delivering more than 200 online services from datacenters located across the United States but also all around the world. However, Intel Security conducted some investigations and estimated that some 80% of small and medium-size businesses have not implemented an appropriate data protection system. Consequently, Microsoft has the opportunity to invest in this IT area in order to provide customers with new technological solutions for the data protection.

As a result of outdated current law, the international community needs to find new solutions and suitable international legal processes to face the widespread security vulnerabilities putting individual privacy at risk. The Committee, gathering numerous experts among the subject of cybersecurity, must work on the harmonization of the values of privacy and on producing general guidelines for countries in order to create a baseline level of security for data protection adapted to a new legal framework. The cooperation between global companies and governments comes out as the key to head for the protection of individual’s privacy and more broadly human rights on Internet. The humanity’s greatest challenges will benefit from this effective international legal cooperation and the new technologies, coupled wit...