India-Pakistan Talks, 1987
minister of home affairs - buta singh


Jad Zeitouni

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Position Paper Buta Singh

_Committee : India-Pakistan Talks, 1987

Country : India

Title :Buta Singh, Minister of home affairs

Delegate : Jad Zeitouni

University : Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUBMUN)_

In my 5th term in the Lok Sabha, through various positions such as deputy minister of commerce and railways, minister of state of supply, rehabilitation and sports, cabinet minister of agriculture, rural development, parliamentary affairs, sports, work and housing etc. I believe I have the experience needed for such a complicated conflict. I am Buta Singh, the current union cabinet minister of home affairs and as such I believe to have the departments needed to once and for all stabilize the Kashmir and bring it back to where it belongs, India! Let us not forget that it is only by the colonialist drawers that Pakistan found its’ existence and it is lawfully so that the Kashmir be part of India. Therefore it is imperative that we take a tough stance. I am confiden...