The Shah's Advisers in the Safavid Empire, 1588-1618
Khajah Nazar, Adviser on Trade


Ehssan Konjkav

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Committee: The Shah’s Advisers in the Safavid Empire 1588-1618 Topic: Rise of First Shia Empire of Iran Delegate Title: Khajah Nazar, Adviser on Trade Delegate: Ehssan Konjkav Delegation: York University

Ever since the Safavid came to power in 1502, they have been in constant battle with their neighboring countries such as the Uzbeks and the Ottomans. Since Safavids promote Shia Islam and Ottomans promote Sunnism, in 1514, it was a matter of time before a war broke out between the two nations due to conflicting religious ideologies. Safavids’ defeat and the loss of Tabriz clearly showed the dynasty is not strong enough, economically and politically, to challenge the Ottomans. During the reign of Shah Tahmasp, Uzbeks and Ottomans attacked the Safavids numerous times including attacks on Herat and the capturing of Baghdad by the Ottomans.

As a loyal adviser of the Shah Abbas the Great, there are growing concerns which we need to address and solve. As a Merchant from Julfa, I have a very distinct advantage over the rest of the advisers as I can deal directly with other Nations, such as Uzbekistan and the Ottoman Empire. Being able to travel to different nations and evaluate their economic and political strengths and wea...