The Shah's Advisers in the Safavid Empire, 1588-1618
Farhad Khan Qaramanlu, Commander of the Safavid Army


Pietro Marzocca
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

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Dear companions, I come to you in one of the most recalcitrant junctures in the history of our revered realm; the treacherous Ottomans have taken vital western Safavid lands as the Uzbeks in Khorasan, public acceptance and recognition of our sublime Shah is uncharted and a warring inclining has been sensed from the begrudged Qizilbash, all this in the midst of a moment in time where the light of Shiism is flickering tenuously as we await the return of the Twelfth Imam. Times like these helps us remember that this is the land of Muhammad. From Jerusalem to far away Mughal territories, this shall be the kingdom of Shah Abbas I! From offshore the Khalij Fars (Fars Gulf) to beyond the Bahr al-Qazwin (Sea of Qazvin), this is the realm of Allah! And Allah is the only one who knows what outcome awaits our future endeavors, this is why this testament will work as a statement of compromise to the Shah and the Safavids, that I will not rest until we tilt Allah’s will in our favor.

It’s in the face of mounting challenges where loyalty is tested, since only those who truly believe ar...