The Shah's Advisers in the Safavid Empire, 1588-1618
Allahverdi Khan, Governor-General of Fars


Isaiah Sciford
United States

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Isaiah Sciford / Allahverdi Khan The Shah’s Advisers in the Safavid Empire Position Paper

Some will try to paint this new era in our history as a time riven by chaos and uncertainty, days spent under the constant threat of death and destruction. Such a description is as dangerous as it is inaccurate. We face challenges, yes. We face threats, yes. But we will not be dissuaded. This is a time of consistency and strength. Our deal ruler the Shah Abbas – be he great and praised – is the strongest to wield the throne in generations. Stronger is he than his weak-willed an impotent father. Stronger is he than either of the Ismail’s counted as his...