Mexican Drug Cartel Syndicate
El Viceroy (Vicente Carrillo Fuentes) — Juarez


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Vicente Carrillo Fuente, “El Viceroy” Committee: Mexican Drug Cartel Syndicate Represented by: Ana Karina Velázquez Carreón of Sorbonne-Paris IV

TOPIC A. Turf Wars

   During the first drug cartel syndicate my brother Amado Carrillo Fuentes, alias “El señor de los cielos” got to ran Juárez territory making it one of the most important drug cartel in Mexico, the Juárez cartel. When he died in 1997 I took charge of the cartel making it one of the most important drug cartel importing cocaine and marijuana to the US. 
   An alliance is needed in order to preserve our power. Many things have changed since the last reunion in Acapulco as the use of new elements in order to smuggle drug across the border, the changing landscape of drug demand and most importantly the US leg...