Council of Colombian Ministers
Minister for Justice & Law – Alfonso Gómez Méndez


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University : Sciences Po Lille

Committee : Council of Colombian Ministers

Minister for Justice and Law – Alfonso Gomez Mendez

The Republic of Colombia, and the Colombians will be facing difficult times. Indeed, our people have suffered in the past years, but the council will be simultaneously confronted by every demon of the past, the present and the future. Every decision taken will have unprecedented consequences. I, minister of Law and Justice, Alfonso Gomez Mendez, have understood the role our ministry can play in the situation to come, where an entire legacy is at stake. Indeed, bearing in mind that 260 000 people have died from the war with the Farcs and the paras, that 60 000 more have disappeared, and 6.9 million have been displaced, the situation is critical, and the ministry will use every tool it possesses to make sure the peace process goes according to pla...