Council of Colombian Ministers
Minister of Information Technologies and Communications – Diego Molano Vega


Laura Galvez

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Committee: Council of Colombian Minister Communication Technology Ministry: Diego Molano Vega Represented by: Concordia University, Montreal Student: Laura P. Galvez

Topic: Peace and Post-Peace

 The Republic of Colombia after more than 60 years of war, is facing a time of uncertainty, in which it is fundamental that the country works as a unified body to help elevate it to success . In order to create a feasible change that can be reflected in the national economy and social well-being, it is of high importance to close the inequality gaps present in our society creating new opportunities in this era of post conflict. Allowing Colombians to dream again, after the war ripped away the nations hopes and dreams. For this reason, the Colombian Ministry of TIC is looking forward to meeting with the fellow ministries in the Council, to reach and implement solutions to address in the Colombian agenda; working towards a national development and to achieve long desired peace.

 In order to leave behind the era of war, poverty, high unemployment, corruption and social inequality we must first an...