Cabinet of the Ministers of the USSR, 1985
Chairman of People's Control Commission - Aleksei Shkolnikov


Sameel Haris

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My name is Aleksei Mikhailovich Shkolnikov, and I am the Chairman and representative of the People’s control commission of the USSR or the Komitet narodnogo kontrolia (KNK) in this cabinet. Born in 1914 of Great Russian peasant stock, I graduated from an industrial technikum when I was 19 years old. I had spent my first 10 years working in the industry, during which slowly but gradually I climbed the ladder from the bottom to the top; first as a shift foreman, then a craftsman, a section manager and then finally as the chief power engineer in a factory at Perm by 1943.

While working in the industry, I completed correspondence courses at an academy and joined the communist party in 1940 when Joseph Stalin was in power. During my tenure as an Obkom first secretary during Khrushchev’s reign, I focused my attention on agriculture and as the rural first secretary during 1962-64; my ...