General Assembly Second Committee (Economic and Financial) - High School
South Africa


Inna Chesnokova
Russian Federation

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South Africa is especially vulnerable to climate change impact as a developing country, as stated in the preamble of Paris Agreement. Our state is facing degradation of woodlands, changes of ecosystems, biodiversity reductions, changes of rainfall patterns, food insecurity, spreads of diseases (especially malaria), reduced fresh water availability etc.

We are the party to Kyoto Protocol (since 31.07.2002) and Paris Agreement (since 01.11.2016) and in accordance with decision 1/CP.19 and 1/CP.20 of the Conference of the Parties we introduced our Intended Nationally Determined Contribution. Hereby we confirm our dedication to goals of climate change adaptation and mitigation, which are set out in the Paris Agreement. Pursuing these goals we rely on our National Development Plan (2012) a...