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Naser-Allah Chaouki MUN 04 March 2017

Panama(WHO) Measures to limit the extent of physical and psychological damage resulting from overworking in Eastern Asia

Honourable chairs, Fellow Delegates, and Staff The problem Japan and other countries are facing is fairly recent, this would mean that the problem has stemmed from a newly engraved mentality that revolves over working. The suicide rate in Japan has also increased, due to the overall amount of stress. The Japanese people believe that working is their one goal and the Chinese believe that the society is higher than the individual. These ideas in China and Japan are due to the overwhelming amount of rich history they have. The South Koreans overwork and in some companies like the documented incidents like the samsung company have bad working conditions which leads to more deaths . All of these conditions and ideas are what leads to so many deaths.

Overwork is not one of Panama's largest problems. This is due to the fact that workers are entitled to thirty days of paid vacation. They are also offered two hours of lunch, where they can socialize with its other and relax. Which would decrease the overall stress of the employees. Panama strives to have a healthy worker. It also cares about the wellbeing of its employees which is the reason why it gives so much days off of work.

Japan has tried...