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Position Paper

Name of the country: Germany Name of the committee: ECOSOC Represented by: Anne Grethe van der Hout (Delegation HHS)

Topic A: Re-examining the relationship between health and intellectual property rights Concerns have been raised on whether intellectual property rights still serve their original purpose which is to promote innovation and transfer technology for the benefit of society. In the ideal situation, there would be a fair balance between the protection of intellectual property rights and accessibility to pharmaceutical medicine. A factor that will guarantee the health of human beings.

However, it is hard to provide for a clear balance since intellectual property rights are necessary for the fostering of future innovation which in the long-term benefits health. The majority of the countries of WTO have acknowledged the idea of patenting pharmaceutical products and processes for a period of 20 years. Which was established under the adoption of the TRIPS agreement. The developing countries asked for more extensive harmonization and standardizati...