Economic and Social Council


Nour Chanouha

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In a way, by rejecting the United Kingdom’s (UK) will to join the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1963, De Gaulle has seen BREXIT coming. For him, the UK was never destined to be part of the European Union (EU), or EEC in the past. However, UK’s vote to leave the EU has startled many since June 2016 and left even the most powerful parties and world leaders uncertain about how to proceed Post-Brexit. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to strengthen collaboration among members of this committee to frame a set of comprehensive measures for adoption in order to limit the international economic and social impact of Brexit. And as Britain and Switzerland were among the first advocates (since 1946) of a European integration, the Swiss confederation, while continuing to follow the path of neutrality, is willing to share the expertise of its competitive and prosperous economy.

With the UK being Switzerland’s second most important import market in the world in 2015 (12.8% of total imports) and fourth most important destination for Swiss direct investments (FDI) at the end of 2014 (CHF 59 billion), it would be absu...